Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

For heavy a sleeper going early to bed is not a challenge but early to rise may be a big problem which is risking his/her health, wealth, and wiseness. An alarm clock always plays its important role to wake you up for early mornings meeting, exams or a healthy morning walk, so feel free to spend your money on such important device in your life. Here we introduce some of the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers to start their morning in the morning.

1. Sonic Bomb

If you are a heavy sleeper, then here we introduce sonic bomb’s best alarm clock for heavy sleepers which is featured by extra loud sound with bed vibrator and flashlight alert to wake you up.

Every element in the sonic bomb is adjustable. It has adjustable tone volume control, 5 level dimmer function for the flashlight alert and it comes with the option of 12 or 24 hours time format. Its snooze time and alarm duration are also adjustable.

Sonic Bomb has dual power capability to run on the 110-volt power supply as well as on 220-volt travel adaptor.It also has a compartment for a 9-volt battery to backup in case power is not utilizes 60% less energy, hence supports Green Power.

This alarm clock has all essential features to break a heavy sleep. This product can add a couple of healthy morning hours in your life.

Sonic Alert® provides their product with one-year blast-proof warranty.

2. Philips Wake-Up Light

Is sound of an alarm clock is not enough to rouse you from a deep sleep? , the innovative product of Philips wakes a heavy sleeper up with its colored Sunrise simulation.

Philips wake-up light starts increasing the light gradually between 20 to 40 minutes from red to orange and then to yellow before your alarm time. After the simulation of sunlight one of five different nature-inspired wake-up sound starts your day.

Light has a smart snooze system which could be activated by touching anywhere on the light screen to get extra 9 minutes in bed. The wake-up light is provided with anti-slip rubber feet to keep it secure on your bedside table. Also, the light has FM radio in it to entertain you in evenings.

Overall, this product has perfect nature-simulation features to start your health morning.

3. Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock

How can we forget about the Classic twin Bell alarm clock When we are listing best alarm clock for heavy sleepers !?

The sound of this Classic beast is loud enough to wake your neighbors up with you. The hammer on the top of the clock oscillates to hit the metal rings for produce the alert sound. The dial of analog clock is designed such that it glows in the dark to make time visible at night.a backlight at the top of the clock is given which could be turned on by a button on the backside of the clock, helps to know the time in the night when you are not able to open your eye properly.

The clock has a sound offensive enough to break strong sleep of a heavy sleeper. It is the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers, who are not totally deaf.


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